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Paper Crafting: the flowers, round 2

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Paper Source Giant Magnolia flower kit

from my flickr stream

Paper Source Giant Magnolia flower kitPaper Source Giant Magnolia flower kitPaper Source Giant Magnolia flower kit

Finished objects!

The gluing of wire to stem was actually not the most annoying part of these. That was annoying simply because I lack the patience to wait for glue to dry. The next step in construction was a little painful in a different way. The muscle in the meat of my hand was cramping up as I was pinching the stems together & wrapping them with floral tape. If my hand hadn’t cramped up, it most likely would have been a breeze. I would definitely recommend the kit to anyone who might have had an inkling to try it. The instructions are clear and it’s really not all that difficult. If I were going to purchase another kit, however, I would definitely go with the smaller size. The Giant Magnolia kit flowers did turn out quite pretty though.

And then there were my own original attempts of construction without a kit for the centerpieces at the wedding.

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Written by Julie

February 23, 2009 at 6:16 pm