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TiLT, part fourteen

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Outside The Violet Hour

• Flavor Ice! Perfect summertime treat. Yes, it’s just flavored water in a plastic sleeve but tasty & simple. Exquisitely cold on a hot July afternoon without sticky, heavy, creamy (heavenly) goodness of ice cream (which I adore). There’s something about the heat that has me chewing ice, in a most satisfying way.

• The fruition of functionality in our home office. This means I can finally sit on the futon & watch a movie off of Scott’s work monitor. The office is certainly not aesthetically delicious yet but it’s exciting to unearth the futon from beneath STUFF. It had become an overly large shelf for the past 2 apartments.

• Teaching myself some bastardized embroidery. It’s not so much embroidery as it is crazy random drawing with thread. Texxxxxture.

• Going to see a friend’s DJ set tonight at the Burlington, a very nice little bar just a 5 minute bicycle ride away. Which means….Night Ride! 😀

• The Violet Hour’s ever-changing facade (though, really, I am not as keen on the newest iteration—not pictured here).

• Dangling, out-of-place shoes. Glorious weather. Snuggly cats (Seriously, Gibson has been Aggressively Snuggling for the past few days & it’s stupid cute). Awesome husband. Mostly clean apartment. My Google Reader (I share whatever tickles my fancy at the moment) & I have some most excellent discussions with friends on there too! Finishing more hats (Which I hope to have time to shoot this weekend). Being so, so close to the weekend; I can almost taste it.

What’s ringing your bell this week?


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July 16, 2009 at 10:37 am

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