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TiLT, part eleven

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• My bicycle & her makeover. New handlebars. New grip tape. New brake levers & cables. New stem. New fenders. New tires (not rims). She’s so happy. Thank you, Dennis! Your handiwork is much appreciated.

Shandy!. Omg— so tasty & delicious & the perfect complement to a freezepop in this hideously hot weather.

• Though the weather is horrid right now, downright steamy & uncomfortable; I can’t help but think & appreciate it. In the winter, I trudge through the snow and slush and sleet, cursing the weather and dreaming of beaches. But really, I would rather pile on the sweaters in the freezing cold than peel everything off and not find a drop of relief. The heat doesn’t usually last for long here; or least, not to me. I can’t imagine Texas right now. I’d sweat myself right out of my brain.

• My little (18 year-old) sister has taken a shine to knitting! I cannot express how excited I am about this.

• Ballpoint pen drawings. They remind me of highschool & Jenny. I’m also finding that my favorite ones to write with are not the ones I like drawing with. The pens I would consider “crappy” are the best drawing utensils. They’re kind of dry, I guess? They make shading easier, I think.

• Today is my Friday! Driving to St. Louis tonight to visit the in-laws for the weekend. Vroom.


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June 25, 2009 at 11:28 am

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