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TiLT, part 8

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Honestly, I am a little overwhelmed this week but I know that TiLT is a most excellent idea to get my brain back to the happy side of life. Running in under the wire, here’s my love list of the week:

• The lovely necklace pictured above from the charming etsy shop of Isette which arrived quite speedily & I’m sporting today. I have this feeling that I am going to have a major influx of ampersand into my life and I think this is awesome.

• A private craft tutorial that I’m helping teach tonight about paper flowers & DIY centerpieces.

• My dear husband who knows how to cook so well (which is a good thing because I am an awful cook). See: Giant, glorious steaks that my husband grilled up last weekend & then sliced into finger food. I am still salivating. Magnificent green beans sauteed with a little butter, lemon, garlic & thyme. Om nom nom.

• So many ideas in my head that I’m forced to write them down on weird scraps of papers, notebooks & the back of my hands in order to not let them disappear into the universe.

What’s your happy this week?


Written by Julie

June 4, 2009 at 4:21 pm

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